WHY CHOOSE DIAMOND AND MANN?2019-01-23T23:27:15+00:00

partnervermittlung zu verkaufen We provide the experience and expertise to get you the facts, the truth so that you can make informed, well thought out decisions that can forever affect your future.  Our investigators are former and retired law enforcement officers, highly skilled surveillance investigators and experts in various subject fields. Doug Diamond holds the title of Florida Board Certified Investigator and you should only use investigators that have the highest level of investigative experience. Some reasons to choose us –

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  • Free Consultations
  • High Success Rate
  • 5 Star Google reviews
  • Your Privacy matters – only those that you allow us to talk to will have the information you want them to – that includes your attorney.
  • Court Admissible – The facts that we uncover are yours to use as you deem necessary.  We operate under the highest ethical standards so that when the facts are needed for court you can rely on them.
  • Latest equipment – Our computers, cameras and software are the latest to provide you with the best possible results.
  • Databases – we access multi-platform databases to ensure the accuracy of the information obtained.
  • No job too big or too small.  We know that if you have contacted us the information is important to you and we will handle all cases the same care, consideration and standards.
  • Friendly – At Diamond and Mann we pride ourselves in being friendly and approachable.  We know that you need help and we know we are the ones that can help.
  • We can save you money.  We believe in being the best stewards of our client’s money and resources.  Choosing us can give you accurate information and ultimately help you make correct decisions that keep from costing you more.