Cheating spouse?  Worker Compensation Fraud?  When you have that feeling that something just isn’t right – you are probably correct.  Your mate starts changing their habits. Working late. New business meetings. Cell phone is now locked when it wasn’t before.  Generally you intuition is correct and the only way you can know for sure is through surveillance. In Florida divorce is a no fault state but you still need that piece of mind to KNOW you are making the correct decisions.   Surveillance can be a lot trickier and difficult than most people think. We use the most talented surveillance investigators that can be found. We have and use (when legally allowed) trackers and other electronic means to ensure that the surveillance is successful.  Additionally we get the video that is legal in court for you use.

Surveillance has a much wider range of uses that a lot of folks realize.

  • Cheating Spouse/adultery
  • Workers Compensation Fraud.  Billions of dollars are lost to fraudulent collections and activities every year.  At Diamond and Mann we offer statewide coverage and even have resources throughout the USA to get the information you need and in a timely fashion.
  • Child Custody claims and disputes.  Is there a question to the fitness of the person who has current custody of your children or grandchildren.  Do they drink and drive with the children? Do they leave them unattended? Are they associating with people or groups of people they should not?  Surveillance is about the only way (along with other investigative techniques) to get the evidence you need for court.
  • The unruly teenager.  Ever wonder if they are going where they said they were?  Who are they really hanging out with? We get the answers.