Is your spouse or significant other cheating?  Are they where they are telling you they are?  How long have they been cheating?  Did the cheating just start?  Has it gone too far?  Can your relationship be saved?  These are just some of the questions you deserve to know the truth about.  At Diamond and Mann Investigations, our investigators have extensive surveillance training, having been former under cover narcotics officers and detectives. Trained by elite law enforcement agencies such as the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), we use a variety of modern techniques and technologies, such as GPS tracking to ensure that our surveillance teams are able to photograph, video and observe a target’s activity for truth verification. You owe it to yourself to know if your spouse or significant other is being faithful as should be expected. Do not let them try to convince YOU are crazy. Get the facts – Know the facts – The take the correct action.

We use foot, vehicle, covert and stationary surveillance operations to ensure we don’t miss any important activities. Our teams consist of confident, patient, problem-solving individuals who will go to every legal and ethical length to ensure that the surveillance operations are successful and helpful for our clients. We understand that our clients need us to be thorough and professional all the way through the entire investigation including any court appearance or depositions that we may be required to attend. We are experienced witnesses for trial and handle ourselves professionally and confidently when put on the stand. We have surveillance investigators that cover all of south Georgia and throughout the entire State of Florida. We are discrete, responsive, thorough and responsive to your needs. And of course, you will be provided with a complete surveillance report that summarizes all of the evidence in an exacting fashion. Additionally you will be provided a copy of any video surveillance footage obtained for your personal or legal use.