Missing persons can have a variety of meanings to many people.  If a child goes missing it can be as harmless as the child merely wondering off from your view while shopping to a criminal abduction.  People go missing for a variety of reasons.  Some people just don’t want to be found so they may have moved without telling anyone, to others have been the victim of an abduction and or something more serious.  Some may be trying to escape a spouse or even evading an arrest.  Mental illness can account for persons going missing and becoming part of the homeless population becoming very hard to track.

When a child goes missing, regardless of age, and the police just don’t seem to have the time or concern to investigate Diamond and Mann can bring a new an renewed perspective to your case.  With a fresh set of eyes, a dogged determination to discover and uncover the facts, we can help bring peace to you knowing that you are just not sitting idle waiting for them to return.  We will retrace their last steps and contact those who last saw them or were with them.  Over time people’s stories change and when we compare them to what they might have told police or others in the past, many times there can be a break in the case.  We can develop new witnesses and leads that can be shared with the police (strictly at the client’s request) to bring closure to an already painful situation.

Sometimes you just want to locate a long lost friend, or reconnect with a past friendship.  We can help.  With the most modern search tools and databases we enjoy an extremely high success rate.

Attorneys – when you need to find an unresponsive client, need to serve a subpoena when law enforcement can’t find them, locate additional witnesses to be interviewed, Diamond and Mann can fill that need.

Background investigations – Diamond and Mann can provide a complete comprehensive check including Criminal Histories, Liens and Judgments, Sexual Offender status, UCC Filings, voter registrations, concealed weapons permit status and on and on.  Need to verify the information that someone gave you for an application or doing due diligence we fill that need.