Criminal Defense Investigations

At Diamond and Mann, we specialize in conducting full-service criminal defense and mitigation investigations.  We have extensive experience in reviewing criminal cases for legal accuracy, completeness and procedural appropriateness. As former law enforcement investigators, we are intimately familiar with the concepts of reasonable suspicion, probable cause and reasonable doubt. By applying our investigative methodology to your case, we can ensure that your defense team is well prepared and has the opportunity to present the defense’s case in a robust, complete and accurate manner. By reverse-engineering probable cause in a given criminal case, we can determine if the arresting law enforcement officer acted appropriately and within the guidelines of both the law and departmental procedure.

Our goal is to ensure that the legal team has ALL of the available information, that the State is not hiding facts and that the defense team encounters no surprises at trial.

We will find witnesses when no one else can. We will locate and interview witnesses that law enforcement failed to. We will review the crime scene at the same time the alleged crime is reported to have happened. It is amazing how much law enforcement misses especially when that are operating under ” conformation bias”. They will try to make the evidence fit their scenario when in fact many times it points somewhere completely different. Let us help prevent a conviction on insufficient or engineered evidence. Our investigators are well respected within the criminal defense community and have successfully investigated high level felony cases such as first degree murder, sexual battery, armed robbery and many, many more. We guarantee that our investigative efforts will prove invaluable to your defense team.