Looking to reconnect with a family member, locate and old friend or trying to hunt down the location of someone so that you can serve them legal process?  Well look no further. We are the most determined and tireless agency there is. We don’t stop until we get the person located. Recently we worked a case where a girl from Florida was tricked into moving to Los Angeles and taken into human trafficking.  Within three (3) hours we had located the missing girl when Los Angeles Police Department could not. The girl was successfully located to the parent’s relief. Many times relatives become missing and we need to locate them for reasons of checking well being to delivering an inheritance check.  We have located relatives in homeless shelters and living on the streets when others could not. One case took us a year to locate the person whose family had sold a house in another state and he was entitled to his share. While it seems like a long time this person was living on the fringe of society and did not want to be found.  He was certainly happy when he discovered his windfall of money.