Doug Diamond has extensive background in police, investigative and tactical operations as well as protective services. Doug served in excess of 25 years in law enforcement’s from patrol to upper level management.

During his tenure he served in the following areas: Special Investigations Unit where Doug supervised and worked undercover over 4 years. The focus of the unit was long term and conspiracy type investigations that included narcotics investigations, Title III (wire tap), solicitation to commit murder, fraud and other white collar crimes that exceeded the scope and abilities of the normal investigative unit. During this time Doug was exposed to and incorporated various investigative techniques and equipment for surveillance. Criminal Investigations Division. Over 4 years Doug supervised the police departments CID unit whose investigations included homicide, missing persons, rape, robbery, stalking and other violent and non violent crimes. During this time Doug specialized in cold case investigations of homicide victims and missing persons. Directed Patrol Supervisor. Doug’s task was to analyze the city’s felony crimes and to direct tactical operations toward stopping and thwarting these crimes. Doug worked directly with the unit as an active supervisor and operative. This was an elite small high profile unit. SWAT. During Doug’s tenure with the police department, he served 5 years on the department’s Special Response Team. 4 years Doug was the entry person on the team and Doug was the team commander for one year.

During his tenure in the police investigative side and the Private Investigative side Doug is considered and expert in surveillance techniques for infidelity and insurance fraud cases. He gets the information that you need when no one else can.

Doug received extensive investigative and tactical training during his law career. Some of the training was; Department of Justice Drug Enforcement Administration school, Undercover operations, DOJ and FBI Anti-sniper and Survival at Camp Blanding, SWAT Operations, Managing the Criminal Investigative Unit, Financial Investigations, Special Police and Tactical Problems to mention a few.

Doug enjoys several hobbies such as mountain biking, shooting and weight lifting. Doug has placed and won several state bench press and power lifting meets in the Police Olympics. Doug also won a gold medal in the National Police and Fire Games for bench press.

Doug has opened up one of the states finest investigative and protection services agencies. They operate statewide and anywhere in the USA meeting and fulfilling the needs and expectations of their clients while operating under the strictest and confidential conditions.