Because we have an extensive investigative career in law enforcement and a thorough knowledge of Constitutional and State laws we get you the facts needed to win your case.  We have enjoyed a very high success rate in getting charges dismissed or dropped with the assistance of your counsel. We have had judges overturn jury verdicts due to our work on capital murder cases.  No case is too big or small. When we get YOUR case we will –

  • Fully review the discovery to locate weaknesses in the case
  • Locate and re-interview witnesses to check for accuracy and to see if the police coerced statements from witnesses.
  • Locate new witnesses that will help substantiate your innocence.
  • We will rework the crime scene and reverse engineer all of the probable cause.
  • Ability to testify in court and many times as an expert.
  • We listen to your needs and the direction you want the case to go.  We know you have a vested interest and want to be heard.
  • Complete network of forensic experts including crime scene, cellular and fingerprint.
  • Ability to travel out of state to interview witness when needed.
  • We HAVE the experience that counts when you need it most.