With all of today’s television programs and various “crime drama” shows, some that hold the most interest for folks is the “cold case”.  When we say cold case, just what does that mean?  To me, it has to do more with how frequently the police still actively pursue closure to the case rather than the age of the case.  A case may be years old and still be being actively worked or a case may cold within a few days.  At Diamond and Mann we will review any cold case including  homicide, missing persons and other violent offenses or large scale theft.

We come into the case with renewed interest and vigor.  We will look at the case as a whole, and will review each minute detail.  Some of the things that often get over looked in cases are, were all possible leads identified?  Were all the leads followed up?  The witnesses that were interviewed, were they truthful?  What would the witnesses have to say now?  What was there interest or involvement with the victim? Can NEW leads be identified and followed up on?  What really happened to the victim???

The police can be in an untenable position.  Cases building up and stacking.  Pressure to solve the more-recent cases. Pressure to solve those cases with a higher solvability factor all the while you case get farther and farther down in the stack, until eventually – it goes cold.  Police may tell you that that are still actively working the case but ask to see their investigative notes or meet with them to discuss what really has been done over the past week, month or year.

At Diamond and Mann we can provide you with peace of mind that all has been done that can be done and if there is more that needs followed up on we can provide you with the investigative expertise to continue on.  At Diamond and Mann we don’t guarantee that ever cold case will be solved; but what we do guarantee is that when you hire us, you can go to bed at night knowing that YOU have done all that you could to bring back a missing family member or understanding what really happened to a family member or loved one.