There is nothing worse than paying alimony to a spouse who has moved on to the point where their living conditions have changed such that alimony should stop or be greatly reduced.  Alimony laws in Florida are some of the most progressive in the country. As long as alimony was awarded in the original divorce decree, Section 61.14 of the Florida Statutes provides that most types of alimony may be modified or terminated when there has been an unexpected, involuntary, and substantial change in circumstances that affects the former spouse’s ability to pay, or the other former spouse’s need for alimony. The real question and the cause of many court battles is exactly what that statement means. We use investigative methods that get you the evidence needed that is statutorily compliant to help you win you day in court.

Child custody or modification of a custody agreements can be difficult and time consuming.  Spending countless hours in court trying to convince the judge that the agreement or actual permanent custody needs to change.  We can get the evidence through a host of investigative techniques that will establish a firm basis for you to move forward in the courts and giving the judge something to hang their hats on when the decision is made.

  • Surveillance – to show that the conditions under which the children are staying should change.  Is the parent associating with people and going places they should not. Who is coming and going from the home where the children are?  Is there alcohol or drugs involved?
  • Trash analysis – when suitable – Trash analysis can be one of the most effective investigative techniques when employed correctly.  Doug Diamond has testified in court as an expert witness over 6 times in the area of trash analysis. We can help.