Are you going through a costly divorce?  Do you have a judgement against someone and you KNOW they are hiding assets that should be yours?  Are you trying to make an informed decision whether or not to bring a legal action against someone in that you don’t want to sue someone that has nothing to gain.  We can help. Depending on the level of investigation we can locate banks and account numbers that may be hidden from you and the courts. Many times it is not how much is in the account that matters in a case as much as  the person lied to the courts on a financial disclosure document.

The person may have a relationship with a financial institution such as a brokerage.  We check the top 40 in the USA.

Other assets can be located such as vehicles, businesses and etc.  We can verify assets by traveling to the location and doing surveillance and photographing the vehicles or other property that may be of value to you.  We leave no stone un-turned.

Some offshore accounts can be located.